Class: Hebrew 101 - HBRW 101

Fall 2009

Professor: Naama Zahavi-Ely

10/23/2009 - two session, 16 students

Material pulled for class:

  • Goldschmidt, Lazarus, The earliest editions of the Hebrew Bible, 1950. 220.44 G57e oversize

  • The order of the forms of prayers, for the day of atonement, in Hebrew and English according to the custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews; as read in their synagogues and used in their families. [1810] BM675 .Y58 A3 1810 V.3 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-WAR

  • Stuart, Moses, Dissertations on the importance and best method of studying the original languages of the Bible 1821. BS537 .S7 1821

  • O.T. Hebrew. 1814 [Biblia hebraica. Tom I], [1814], BS715 1814 v.1

  • O.T. Genesis. English. Alter. 1996. BS1233 .A78 1996b 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-F

  • Fagius, Paul, Perush ha-miloth : Id est, Exegesis sive exposition dictionvm hebraicarum literalis & simplex, in quatuor capita Geneseos, pro studiosis linguae hebraicae: per Pavlvm Fagivm. 1542. BS1235 .F3 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBOOKS

  • Pietas universitatis Oxoniensis in obitum serenissimi regis Georgii II. et gratulatio in augustissimi regis Georgii III. inaugurationem. 1761. DA501 .A3 P54 1

  • Pietas Academiæ Oxoniensis in obitum augustissimæ et desideratissimæ Reginæ Carolinæ. 1738. DA501 .A33 P5 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-F

  • Academiæ Cantabrigiensis luctus in obitum Frederici celsissimi Walliæ Principis. Publication info.: Excudebat Cantabrigiæ: Josephus Bentham academiæ typographus, mense maio 1751. DA501 .A35 A3 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-F

  • Buxtorf, Johann, Title: Joann. Buxtorfii Epitome grammaticae Hebraeae, breviter & methodice ad publicum scholarum usum proposita. Adjecta succincta de mutatione punctorum vocalium instructio, & textum Psalmorumque aliquot Hebraicorum Latina interpretatio ..., 1653. PJ4566 .B88 1653 1

  • Moore, Clement Clarke, A compendious lexicon of the Hebrew language. 1809. 1)PJ4833 .M6 v.1 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-MAR 2)PJ4833 .M6 v.2 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-MAR

  • Exequiae desideratissimo principi Gulielmo Glocestriae duci ab Oxoniensi Academia solutae. Publication info.: Oxonii, : E Theatro Sheldoniano ..., 1700. PN6110 .C7 A16 1

  • Lacrymae cantabrigienses in obitum serenissemae reginae Mariae. 1694/5.PN6110 .C7 L2 1

  • Musæ Cantabrigienses, serenissimis princibus Wilhelmo et Mariæ, Angliæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ regi ac reginæ publicæ salutis ac libertatis, vindicibus hæc oficii & pietatis ergò D.D. Publication info.: Cantabrigiæ, ex officina Joann. Hayes, celeberrimæ Academiæ typographi, 1689.

  • PN6110 .C7 M8 1 Oliver, N. W. , Sephora : a Hebrew tale, descriptive of the country of Palestine, and of the manners and customs of the ancient Israelites. 1835. PR5115 .O18 S4 1835 1

  • Moore, Clement Clarke, A lecture introductory to the course of Hebrew instruction in the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, delivered in Christ Church, New-York, on the evening of November 14th, 1825 )PS2429 .M5 L4 1825 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-MAR

  • Grattan, Edward, The printer's companion: being practical directions for filling the various situations in a printing office: embodying a system of punctuation, and copious original directions for composing Greek and Hebrew. Publication info.: Philadelphia, Printed and pub. by the Proprietor, 1846. Z244 .A2 G73 1 RARE-BOOK RAREBK-GRE

  • Hebrew alphabet and grammar notes, notebook, 1827 From: Henkel papers, Mss 39.1 H38 Box 2, MsV 4

  • Hebrew notes and Hebrew exercise book, Union Theological Seminary, From: Joseph Allan Christian Papers, Mss 71 C46 Box 11, Manuscript Volumes 4 and 5

  • Marriage certificate, From: Myers Burrage Graham, Mss 98 M99 Group A, Box 6 folder 29

  • Typed letter in Hebrew acknowledging congratulations upon the occasion of the inauguration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1925, with English translation, 2 pieces. From University Archives College Papers Collection. UA 14, Folder 289,

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