Accessing the Subject File and Faculty-Alumni File Collections in the Archon Database

These instructions were created for users (volunteers or students working in the SCRC) who are not familiar with working in the administrative side of Archon.

  1. Open the database at [].
  2. Click “Login” at the bottom right of the page. Enter your username and password. Note that once you have logged in to the database, a pencil will appear next to the collection name and in the box list allowing you to jump directly to that portion of the inventory in the administrative interface of the database.
  3. Navigate to desired collection. Note that the formal name of the collections are University Archives Subject File Collection and University Archives Faculty-Alumni File Collection. If you search “University Archives” using the box at the top right of the screen both will be in the results list. You may also browse to the collections using the Collection Title option at the left of the screen. Note that the collections are filed under “S” for Subject and “F” for Faculty-Alumni.
  4. After navigating to the finding aid for the desired collection, at the Box List heading select Formatted. This will take you to the inventory of all headings currently in the database.
  5. The folder headings are listed alphabetically and arranged within the cabinet and drawer number in which they are physically located. Find the desired drawer and click on the pencil next to the drawer number and contents (ex: Drawer 1: A-Ay ).
  6. Clicking on the pencil opens a new window in the browser taking you into the staff interface for the Archon database. Paging down slightly, you will see fields for the drawer number and contents and a large database field - box actually- labeled Description. It is in the Description box that you will enter the headings you are adding to the database.
  7. Note that you can scroll down through the list of names/subject headings in the Description box. Be prepared as this can be a very long list.
  8. When you find the place in the list where you want to enter a heading, hit enter to create a new line in the list and enter the heading.
  9. You may enter as many new headings as you have for a particular drawer. After you have entered the new heading for a particular drawer, scroll down to the bottom of the page using the large scroll bar at the right of the screen. Click Update.
  10. When the update action is complete, you may close the window for the staff interface and return to the list in the public interface. To review the headings you have added to the inventory in the public interface, click the refresh button in the public interface.

As of November 2013, a Special Collections student began transcribing the Faculty-Alumni File Collection folder list from the card catalog drawers into Archon. This adds to the existing list that included new folders created since Archon was adopted (2007) as well as selected data entry based on folders used by researchers.