Virginia Heritage Project EAD Upload Instructions

1. Log into the administrative portion of the Virginia Heritage Project (VHP) (link).

2. Select a collection from the staff-reviewed list of finding aids. Search VHP to see if the collection is already in the system. If not, extract the EAD from Archon.

3. Save the EAD file as “viw00XXX.xml”, replacing the XXX with the next number from the ‘published directory listing’ found in the administrative section of VHP.

4. Open the saved XML file. Find and replace all occurrences of XXX with the same number used in the file title.

5. If you’re using oXygen: validate the document.
If you’re using Notetab: use the CLEAN UP <EAD> tool to eliminate empty or incomplete tags.

6. Return to the VHP administrative page. Browse to find your completed file and upload.

7. Note any errors and return to the XML file to make changes. Upload again until error messages are eliminated.

8. When errors are gone, continue to the publishing page. Review the finished document for any additional changes.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the finished document to publish. If an error is found after publication, the original XML file can be edited and uploaded again to replace the earlier version.