The PDF-ing of most Manuscript and University Archives inventories was completed in the summer of 2007 and the links were added to Archon records in September 2007.

  • Collections with multiple PDFs because of multiple accessions or very long finding aids.

Solution: When a finding aid has been divided into multiple PDF documents, we would like the links to be in the Collection Description. This allows all sections to be in the same section in order. Also, the <a href> tag will need to be added to make the links "live." Remove any existing links from the Other Information field in cases where there are multiple PDFs. See the Southall collection for the appropriate language and format.

  • The problem surrounds a lot of manuscript collections (and perhaps some UA collections also) and the addendum materials added to them, see example with link below. Essentially, in the past when materials have been added to an existing processed collection they were tacked onto the end of the collection inventory and listed by their Mss. Acc #, and often called Box 1, etc. However, Archon will only allow one Box 1 per Series. Since most collections have only one Series, this creates a conflict when one attempts to input the entire inventory into Archon (not in pdf format). Thus, taking into account this call # conflict, a plan needs to be found for making the inventory on Archon match what's on the shelf. (reported Zach Jones, 9/10/2007)

Solution: All you need to do to handle this with existing collections is create fake series, no? So the 1983 accession is series 1 and the 1999 accession is series 2. (acs and sar agreed 9/10/07)

  • Some PDFs didn't come through or were missing pages. These include; the Civil War Collection, Ritchie-Harrison Papers, Conway Whittle, V.T. DeVita, M.E. Davis, and Tyler Group A. (reported by Zach Jones, 9/12/2007)