Policies and Guides

(SCRC Staff)
  • Archon User Manual and related pages - updated as needed; to be consulted for all procedures, standard language, etc. in the SCRC

Collections to be Added

(SCRC Staff with students & volunteers)

  • card catalog maps (need to review project)
  • Students: rekeying box and folder list for all inventories currently in Archon as linked PDFs.
  • ?Do Mss. Small Collections need to be added?

Clean Up

(SCRC Staff with students & volunteers)
  • Review all entries: - ongoing; working on better tracking new/revised finding aids
  • Clean-up subject headings - part of ongoing cataloging into SIRSI/VHP (Began more focused effort in spring 2011- )
  • Donald Davis Papers: add inventories from boxes 6-end
  • Checking MSS entries and deleting, revising entries from Access database - in progress 2007-2009; Archives yet to be fully checked
  • Revise and update Classifications used for university records: review after all entries for University Archives are cleaned up
  • New locations guide exported to .xls (annually in the summer)


(Swem Systems)


  • RSS feed for new/updated collection records
  • Display Collection Identifier in the search results list
  • Show all collections when going back out of finding aid, creator entry, subject entry instead of reverting to collapsed results search of collections, creators, subjects

  • Enable user tagging, commenting, and share/save (digg, delicious, FB, Twitter, etc.) at the collection, series, sub-series, box, folder, and item levels including digital objects

  • Import Flickr images into Archon: During the course of rehousing and describing artifacts in the collection (new as well as those from the backlog), students/volunteers photograph each artifact (object) and then a staff member uploads the images to Flickr. Eventually (read: after much time has sometimes passed), a student adds a link to the image in Flickr from Archon. See http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/?p=collections/findingaid&id=8203&q=&rootcontentid=48778#id48778 for how this appears in Archon. We started adding the link to Flickr instead of loading the images to Archon because it was a bit faster to just add to Flickr and at the time we were having issues with Archon's digital library package and could not have uploaded the images if we wanted to. So with the Flickr API available, could we get a script that could harvest the images added to Flickr with specified tags ("artifacts" and "UniversityArchives" or "Manuscripts") and add the image & metadata to digital library for the Manuscripts or University Archives Artifact Collection?

Developers (Local or UIUC)

  • Advanced search option in public module. To include:
    • search multiple fields (title, abstract (scope/content), creator, dates, subjects, genres, series, box & folder list)
    • And, Or, Not option
    • Search only: digital content, ....what else?
  • bulk up warning messages when anything is to be deleted ideally including a statement about the results such as: "You are about to delete 9,873 folders. Are you sure?"
  • Increase Web enable/disable options
    • web disable individual series, subseries, boxes, folders, items, etc. in Content Manager
    • web enable/disable donor information on individual accessions in Accession Manager
    • web enable/disable any field?
  • increase decimal places for sizes in extent units
  • location/use tracking
  • reports (presumed with Archon-AT integration)


  • Change "+ Administrative Information" in public display to something like "Click here for more important collection information" or something similar expressing the importance of restrictions, related material, etc.
  • from a user point of view, I love having a cart but I wish the items in the cart would display collection numbers. I guess that's because we don't have the collection numbers display in the regular display, either. I end up having to handwrite the collection numbers on the printout of my cart. It would also be great to have the option to display the collection description in the cart, but I don't want to be greedy. . . .
  • Mss. backlog - in progess 2008-present
    Upload PDFs of Mss inventories missed in 2007 web upload to Archon Digital Library. See L:\SpecialCollections\AccessioningAndProcessing\Findingaids
    MssV added - completed by students; all need to be reviewed

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Richard H. Patchin Papers: will not allow a primary creator to be assigned after staff had to remove all creators because the wrong person was initially made the primary creator. Same issue with League of Women Voters of Williamsburg & James City County
  • x