Archon Digital Library - draft

Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) began using the Archon database to manage the University Archives and Manuscript Collections in 2007. This page provides information about preferred language, local standards, and implementation of the Digital Library module. As of January 2012, the SCRC is no longer uploading files to Archon; instead, all files will be uploaded to the W&M Digital Archive according to the SCRC Digital Archive Guide and linked into Archon using the Digital Library Module.

The Digital Library Manager can be found using the "Digital Content" tab in the Collection Manager for the corresponding finding aid. To add new content to the digital library, click the "plus" sign tab to the right of Digital Content. A new screen will pop up.



If the digital object(s) is a single item associated with a single item in a collection's inventory or the entire contents of a folder, use the title in use in the title field in the content manager. If it is a digital object(s) not already in the inventory, use a brief descriptive title such as "Mae Greene-Paul Younge Correspondence."

Enable Web Output

Select Yes or No depending on whether the digital object(s) should be visible to the public. This can be changed at any time.


The identifier must be unique in system and is a variation of the collection identifier. Examples: for the first digital content added to UA 10, choose UA 10.001; for UA 5.006 choose UA 5.006.001; for Mss. Acc. 2009.289 choose Mss.Acc.2009.289.001. Always use the main collection number, not the accessiong number for an individual accession within a collection; if the collection has multiple accession numbers as its collection number, use the first number alone.


Indicate date digital object(s) digitized or created if born digital.

Content URL

Use this field to provide a link to digital content stored outside the Archon system and should be an absolute URL. For example, records stored in the William and Mary Digital Repository should have their unique handle URI in this field.


Select the appropriate creators from the list. Be sure to select a collection's primary creator first as that individual's biography or organization's history is the one that will be included in the finding aid. If the creator is unknown, there is an option to use the "Anonymous" creator. This would be especially relevant if including an added author such as WHRA. All collection received via WHRA should include the organization's name as an added (not primary) author in the following format: "The Williamsburg Historic Records Association (WHRA)."

Use the Library of Congress Authorities, local headings, or other appropriate sources when adding creators to the database. Include middle initials or names and dates of birth/creation and death/disbanding when known. If individual/organization is still alive/active, leave the date open-ended in the format (without quotation marks) "1967- ".
Examples for entering names:
  • College of William and Mary. Office of the Dean.
  • Peterson, Geraldine F.


Use the Library of Congress Authorities, local headings (such as the University Archives Subjects), or other appropriate sources when adding subjects to the database. For most digital object records, only one or two subject headings should be included.
Example: Slavery--Southern States--History--19th century


Select appropriate language(s) from the list.


Select the appropriate collection from the list including linking to the most specific level possible (collection, series, sub-series, box, folder, cabinet, drawer, or item). Digital objects can only be associated with one collection.

Collection Content

This field lists the name of the collection content with which the digital content you are uploading will be linked. Select the appropriate series, sub-series, box, folder, etc. in which the digital content can be found in the collection.

Click "Save"


As of January 2012, files are no longer uploaded to the Archon Digital Library. Please see the SCRC Digital Archive Guide for more information on how to upload material.

Detailed Description


Include a brief description of the digital object(s) as appropriate to the complexity of the content. In some cases the title may be complete enough that further description here is not necessary, such as in the case of biographical notes copied from a University Archives Faculty Alumni File.

To encourage user input and comment, the following statement may be included in this field:

  • Unfortunately at the present time, user-contributed information or description cannot be accepted via this database. Any users wishing to share further description, subject headings, or other information about the individual letters/photographs/etc. (staff should customize) from the Insert Name of Collection should contact the Special Collections Research Center at This information may then be added to the database and available to the public in the future.

Physical Description

Use this field to record a description of the physical characteristics FOR THE ANALOG SOURCE of a digital object. Use this field ONLY if the digital object was not 'born digital,' but was digitized from an analog source, such as a photographic print or a cassette tape.


Enter the information found in the field "source" under "Acquisition Information" from the main record. Examples of a Contributor include a person, an organization, or a service.


  • College of William and Mary, Earl Gregg Swem Library

Rights Statement

  • Before reproducing or quoting from any materials, in whole or in part, permission must be obtained from the Special Collections Research Center, and the holder of the copyright, if not Swem Library.

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