This guide provides guidance on how Special Collections uses calendars in Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook Calendars

Have questions about how to use your Outlook calendar in general? IT provides instructions at

What Outlook calendars does the SCRC use?
  • Students
  • Volunteers
  • RM-SwemSpecialCollectionsReadingRoom (this is considered a Resource in the Outlook vernacular)
  • RM-SwemBurgerConferenceRoom (this is considered a Resource in the Outlook vernacular)
  • RM-SwemSpecialCollectionsClassroom (this is considered a Resource in the Outlook vernacular)

spcoll Calendar:

The spcoll calendar will now be used as the Special Collections desk calendar. The following should be recorded in this calendar
  • Front Desk, Reading Room, and Reference Shifts
  • All-Day Leave: If you will be out for an entire day, go ahead and create an all-day event at the top of the calendar (ex. smb out)
  • Events not using a room in Special Collections: If you have a tour/event that does not use a room in Special Collections, please create an all-day event at the top of the calendar with the specific time range for that event.


All students, both graduate and undergraduate, will be added to this calendar. Two categories in Outlook have been created to classify them: (1) Desk students and volunteers and (2) Off-Desk students and volunteers. By giving them categories, you will be able to see who is a desk student/volunteer in case there are any changes to the schedule and you need a replacement at the desk. To assign categories to the students, right-click over the student's name in the calendar and select Categories and then desk or off-desk student/volunteer. All undergraduates are desk students and graduate students will be classified as off-desk students. Of course, if we are short-staffed, graduate students can be used to cover the desk.


All volunteers, both desk and off-desk volunteers, will be scheduled in this calendar. You use use the categories above to classify desk and off-desk volunteers.


Continue to use the rooms to schedule classes and events that will use either the Burger Conference Room, Reading Room, or Classroom. Please see the Classes, Tours, Events section below for more information on how to book those rooms.

Your own meetings, reference duties, and personal matters are for your own Outlook calendar only.

Classes, Tours, Events

When booking a class, tour, or event for the reading room, create the appointment on the calendar for the Resource "RM-SwemSpecialCollectionsClassroom" and then invite yourself as well as any other rooms or staff who will be assisting with the event or need to be involved. Make sure to invite the Resource "RM-
SwemSpecialCollectionsReadingRoom" so the classroom can be used as the back-up reading room. Be certain to make clear in the appointment where the class, tour, or event will be held, time of the class/event, how many people, etc.

For more on how to add or invite a room, see the helpful instructions on the IT website:

Expected Researchers

Expected researchers can be added directly to the reading room calendar as an appointment. Include important details like their contact information (this comes in handy when we have an unexpected closing!) and other helpful details like copies of your email exchanges, what is pulled for the researcher, etc. are also a good idea. If the researcher has requested a meeting with yourself or another staff member upon their arrival you can also invite the staff to this meeting.

Meetings, etc.

If booking the Burger Conference Room or SCRC Classroom for a meeting, be sure to also invite the reading room so that the staff scheduled for the reading room know the room must be staffed during the meeting in one of those other rooms.