28 students from a 10th grade history class at Walsingham Academy visited SCRC on 9/17/2009:

Items pulled for class:

William Small’s List of Instruments for the college (Folder 260 in William and Mary College Papers)
Notes taken in Bishop Madison’s classes.

Turgot map of Paris

Bishop Jefferson, Thomas: "Notes of a Tour of English Gardens," 1786

Voltaire (multiple volumes for students to handle): Œuvres complètes de Voltaire, 1785-89

Diderot: Encyclopédie; ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une société de gens delettres. Paris, Briasson [etc.] 1751-65. (no. of volumes depending on class size: some text with matching plats)

Chambers, Ephraim: Cyclopaedia: or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences (AE5 .C432 1751 V.1 & 2 RAREBK-F

Page, John: Memorandum book, 1762-1797 (Mss. MsV Me)
Begun while a student at the College of William and Mary. It contains a record of the General Episcopal Convention in Philadelphia in 1785, notes in Latin and Greek, and scientific and astronomical writings, including a notation of a November 1776 observation of astronomical activity by Page and Bishop James Madison.

Notebooks, 6, 7, 9, 10 from University Archives Bound Volume Collection

Humboldt, Alexander von: Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne. Paris, F. Schoell, 1811.

Madison’s Map of Virginia