Out of date with launch of new catalog 7/1/11. Can this page be deleted?

Digital images of Thomas Jefferson's letters in the Special Collections Research Center in Swem Library are available via the library catalog.

The two important things to remember are to search the Location "Manuscripts" not the Item Type and to remember that the publication year for MARC manuscript records won’t work if it’s filled in. The best way to search for a particular year is to include it in an Everything field. This also means a range of dates won’t work. The example below uses only Jefferson – one can use Jefferson and Short if one knows it’s a part of that collection. Subjects are based on the descriptions written into the MARC records.

There are no transcriptions of letters except for those printed in the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, edited by Julian Boyd et al. or in earlier editions of Jefferson’s writings.

To find Jefferson letters:

From the Swem Library homepage, click Library Catalog.


In the library catalog, select "Click Here For Advanced Search."


Enter Thomas Jefferson in the "Everything" field. If desired, add a second "Everything" field and enter the desired correspondent's name or search term in the field. Select "Manuscripts" as the location. Click "Search."

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In the record, click "Click Here" in the Electronic Access field.


A new window will pop up, click "Page 1" to see the letter.