Class: Workers in American Life - HIST 490C

Fall 2007

Professor: Cindy Hahamovitch

11 students visited the Special Collections Research Center on 10/2/07


Material pulled for class

*Artifacts from the [ University Archives Artifact Collection] including: the Phi Beta Kappa Key of Peyton Short, 1780; an oval [ mourning brooch] from 1789 for Richard Baker, who was a William and Mary student in 1779; and a [ shoe buckle] owned by George Wythe that has been converted into a brooch. (Note: these items are not on hold in the SCRC)

*Scrapbook of [ Elaine Compton] (Note: this item is not on hold in the SCRC)

*[ Leonard L. Born Scrapbook] – see p. 1 and 5 (and perhaps others) for people at work at William and Mary in the 1920s

*[ Board of Visitors] – minutes, 1969-1970; binder containing index

*Office of the President, see the administrations of: [ Alvin Duke Chandler], 1951-1960; [ Davis Y. Paschall], 1960-1971; and [ Thomas A. Graves], 1971-1985; see also the Annual Reports and Special Reports; also pulled the binder containing inventories

*[ Committees Collection] – Affirmative Action Committee folders

*[ Swem Library] - Classified Staff Association

*[ Staff Association] Records

*[ Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE)] Records

*[ University Archives Subject Files Collection]: Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity; William and Mary Labor Union

*[ University Archives Faculty-Alumni Files Collection] - Henry “Doc” Billups; Trudier Harris

*[ University Archives Oral History Collection] – The transcript of Davis Y. Paschall's interview was pulled. Consult the finding aid for the collection in the SCRC Database for other interviews available and instructions in searching those interviews.

*''The College of William and Mary: A History'', Susan Godson et al. (1993), volumes 1-2

*''William and Mary News'' – 1975 (Note: this item is not on hold in the SCRC; consult a staff member to request this or other volumes of the publication)

*''The Flat Hat'' – 1971-1972 and 1974-1975 (Note: this item is not on hold in the SCRC; consult a staff member to request this or other volumes of the publication)

*Single page of correspondence from 1942 regarding wages of housekeepers at the College.

*Oral histories from CW, 5 CDs.

Additional material of potential interest

*[ Office of Affirmative Action]

*[ Self Study Records]

*[ Faculty Women's Caucus Records]

*[ Faculty Organizations]

*[ The Forum] (formerly known as the Black Faculty and Staff Forum)

*[ Office of University Development Records] - the collection includes Affirmative Action Committee Records, 1981-1991, of correspondence, news releases, employment assessments, and news clippings.

*[ Vice President for Business Affairs Records]

*[ Faculty Circulars]

*[ Faculty Minutes]

*[ Office of Personnel]

For additional sources, see [ Finding Materials in the SCRC]

Research Paper: Integration at Work: The First Labor History of The College of William and Mary

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