'''Class: LCTS 201: Constructing the News'''

Fall 2007

Professor: Sharon Zuber

20 students; session in the SCRC October 17, 2007


Material on hold for student projects

*''The Flat Hat''

*''The DoG Street Journal'' – 2003-2007 issues

*''Jump!'' 1983-2006; “undergraduate feature,” literary

*''The Gallery'', 1979-2003

*''Winged Nation'' – 1993-ongoing; Women’s Studies

*''The Scalper'' – 1925; humor/satire

*''The Scalper'' – 1950


*''The Owl'' – 1854; humor/satire; copy pulled for class, original is on display in the exhibit [http://swem.wm.edu/exhibits/ "Slavery in Virginia"] in the rotunda outside of the Special Collections Research Center through November 2, 2007

*''The Taverner'' - humor/satire

*Student Organizations Collection, ''The Flat Hat'' folders

*University Archives Subject File Collection, Folders: ''The Flat Hat''; ''The Flat Hat''--Incident of 1945

Additional material pulled for students to view

*Artifacts from the [http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/controlcard.php?id=6624 University Archives Artifact Collection] including (see the link to the box list for images of the following artifacts): duc cap, circa 1943; stuffed dog, circa 1943. Images of these and other artifacts are available through the [http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrc/ SCRC's Flickr account].

*[http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/controlcard.php?id=6632 Board of Visitors] – minutes

*''The College of William and Mary: A History'', Susan Godson et al. (1993), volumes 1-2 (check [http://swem.wm.edu/ Swem's online catalog] for availability)

*''The Straw Hat'' – 1911-1933; Summer Session edition of The Flat Hat

*''The High Hat'' – 1930-1945; Norfolk Division publication

*''The Royalist'', 1937-1938

*''Colonial Echo'' - 1920s and 1970s volumes

*''College Monthly'', 1890-1903, literary

*''College Topics'', 1908

*''Lips'', 2007

*''The Gargoyle'', 1973

*''Ha!'', 1994

*''Insights'', 1989

*''Namet and Taket'', 1945

Other Student Publications

See the online catalog for dates, etc. on the following titles. Note that these were generally brief runs with as few as a single issue.

*''The Remnant'' – 1989-2005

*''The Virginia Informer'' – 2005-ongoing

*''The Pillory'' – 1991-2006; satire

*''The William and Mary Progressive'' (or ''W&M Progressive'')

*The Arrow
*Calling Out
*Common Ground
*Rip Off
*A Little Pile
*From the Margin
*Unstrung Fiction
*True Visions
*Mr. Finger Brute Force
*Insight and Perspective
*From the Margin
*For Madmen Only
*The Blue Bus
*The Indian Made
*Square Wheel
*The Brave Indian
*The William and Mary Excalibur
*The Fifth Horseman
*The William and Mary Observer
*The Williamsburg Daily Planet

Need help?

To search for further material, see [http://swem.wm.edu/departments/special-collections/exhibits/FindingAids/index.cfm Finding Materials in the SCRC].

Questions? Contact Amy Schindler, University Archivist, at acschi@wm.edu or 221-3094, or come into the Special Collections Research Center ([http://www.swem.wm.edu/departments/special-collections/ hours]).

External Links

*[http://lcst201.wikispaces.com/ LCST 201 "Constructing the News" Wiki], includes the final projects of the students from the class

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