'''Class: LCTS 201: Constructing the News'''

Spring 2009

Professor: Sharon Zuber

17 students; session in the SCRC March 17, 2009


Material on hold for student projects

*''The DoG Street Journal'' - some issues are available in the [http://dspace.swem.wm.edu/dspace/handle/10288/18 digital repository]
*''Jump!''- one issue is available in the [http://dspace.swem.wm.edu/dspace/handle/10288/18 digital repository]
*''The Pillory'' – 1991-ongoing; satire
*''Lips'' - 2007-ongoing; one issue is available in the [http://dspace.swem.wm.edu/dspace/handle/10288/18 digital repository]
*Student Organizations Collection, ''The DoG St. Journal'', ''The Flat Hat'' ''Jump!'' ''The Pillory'' folders
*University Archives Subject File Collection, Folders: ''The Flat Hat''; ''The Flat Hat''--Incident of 1945
*''Flat Hat'', Fall 1960, 1972, 2000, 2008. Most issues of the ''Flat Hat'' are available from the [http://swem.wm.edu/beta/flathat/ SCRC].

Material pulled for Class

*''The Gargoyle'', 1973
*''Ha!'', 1994
*''The Fifth Horseman'', 1972
*''The William and Mary Observer'', 1986-1987
*''The College Observer'', 1970-1971
*''The Remnant'', 1989-2005
*''Indian Made'',
*''Perspective'', 1987-1988

*"Duc" cap from the [http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/controlcard.php?id=6624 University Archives Artifact Collection] (see the link to the box list for images of the following artifacts). Images of these and other artifacts are available through the [http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrc/ SCRC's Flickr account].

Publications pre-''The Flat Hat''

*''The Owl'' – 1854; humor/satire
*''College Monthly'', 1890-1903, literary
*''College Topics'', 1908
*Also mentioned ''The Straw Hat'' and ''The High Hat'' as FH-related publications

Other Student Publications

See the online catalog for dates, etc., but a list of College of William and Mary publications is also available in the SCRC wiki. Note that many of these publications generally have brief runs with as few as a single issue in the SCRC's collection.

Need help?

To search for further material, see [http://swem.wm.edu/scrc/Tools.cfm Finding Materials in the SCRC] for an introduction to the SCRC Collections Database, card catalogs, Flat Hat-William & Mary News-Alumni Gazette index, etc.

Questions? Contact the SCRC at spcoll@wm.edu or 221-3090, or come into the Special Collections Research Center ([http://www.swem.wm.edu/scrc hours]).

External Links

*[http://lcst201.wikispaces.com/ LCST 201 "Constructing the News" Wiki], includes the final projects of the students from the class in Spring and Fall 2007.

Class overview for SCRC Staff

*Course business by Zuber including discussing assignment with publications
*SCRC introduction by staff (brief overview of Manuscripts, Rare Books, Burger, and University Archives of < 10 minutes)
*Introduce student publications pre-''Flat Hat: The Owl, College Monthly, College Topics''
*Flat Hat: longest continuously published student publication at William and Mary; offshoots ''The Straw Hat'' and ''The High Hat''; not published in Fall 1918 (end of WWI and first semester women at the College of William and Mary) because publisher had passed away; scattered "alternative" student publications through the 1960s. The 1970s saw regular entries of publications as alternatives to the FH. Some lasted only a few issues or a year. The longest running student newspaper other than the FH was ''The Remnant'' (1989-2005). Card catalog available in the SCRC.

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