for use with Primary Source Activity - Mary Comes to the College


Research Sheet

Background Information on Topic: List: What I know, what I think I know, what I would like to find out, and any general facts included.

Type of Source - Circle Primary or Secondary Check mark: Diary _ Newspaper_ Letter _ Photograph_ Other_
Date of Document:

Speaker: Who is writing, what do you know about the author?

Tone: What is the tone/ feel of the document? Serious, humorous, chatty, sarcastic, and why?

Audience: Who is meant to read/see this document?

Purpose: Why is the author writing/ creating this document?

Subject: What does this document tell you?

Questions: On the back of this sheet, answer in complete sentences.
1. List what information you learned about women coming to the College of William and Mary.

2. List 2 things the document tells you about life in the United States at the time this was written.

3. What questions do you have after reading this document?

4. Where could you go to answer these questions or learn more? Hint: Check the links and places with more information.