Item Level Metadata

This metadata User Guide outlines the metadata fields used for creating item level records in the W&M Digital Archive. The guidelines are drawn from the W&M Digital Archive Dublin Core Metadata Application Profile; consult the application profile for detailed explanations of each field.

Section 1 of this guide outlines the metadata fields that the person uploading & submitting the item to the DA is responsible for completing.
Section 2 of this guide outlines the steps for uploading and submitting the item to the DA.
Section 3 of this guide outlines the metadata fields that the cataloging librarian will complete after the item is submitted to the DA.

SECTION 1: (person uploading item)
Describe Item (screen 1)

Digital object ID
Repeatable: No

Archival items: select ‘Archon ID’ and enter the Archon Collection ID number.
Published items: select ‘Call Number’ and enter the LCCN found in the library catalog for the item.

Repeatable: No

The title is the name given to the resource by the creator or publisher. If the resource does not have a title, supply one that is brief but descriptive (supplied title).

Archival items: Copy the title from the item level description of the Finding Aid, reformatting it to follow the examples below. For items with only folder or box level description, construct an item level title using the folder or box information.
Published items: Use the title under which it was published, found in the library catalog or the title page of item.

Do not use brackets [] when creating a title.
Spell out state abbreviations.
Omit initial articles (A, An, The) from title unless the article is an essential part of the title.

Example of common formats:

Letter, 1776 March 1, John Lennon, Richmond, Virginia to Ringo Starr, New York, N.Y.
Paul McCarthy, Diary, 1775-1855
Estate inventory of Linda McCarthy, 1995
Bozarth account book, 1905-1908
Blacksmith daybook, 1853-1854

Other Titles
Repeatable: Yes

Enter alternative or secondary names to the formal title, including translated or multi-lingual titles.
Make separate entries for each alternative title.

Mandatory if known
Repeatable: Yes

Enter the person or organization responsible for the creation of the original item.
Select the corresponding qualifier to denote role of any other contributors.
If item has more than 1 creator, use separate entries for each.

Personal names use inverted form : Last Name, First Name, life dates
Corporate names in direct order.
If no creator can be determined, leave blank.

Input Format:
Smith, Steven D.
Smith, Margaret, 1745-
Smith, Cornelius T., 1845-1890

Repeatable: No

Enter date of original creation or date issued for previously published items.

Input formats:
Range of dates enter: YYYY – YYYY

Date Digitized
Repeatable: No

Enter the date item was digitized. For born digital items enter date of creation.

Screen 2

Collection ID
Mandatory for Mss items.
Repeatable: Yes

Enter the collection ID to which this item belongs.
Make separate entries for each collection ID.

Input format:
Galt Papers (V), 1900-1979 enter: Mss. 78 G73 (V)
University Relations Records, 1970- enter: UA 62
Sarah Ladd Diary, 1862 enter: Mss.Acc.2011.028

Collection Name
Mandatory for Mss items.
Repeatable: Yes

Enter the name of the collection, including dates, to which the item belongs.
Make separate entries for each collection name.

Input format:
Galt Papers (V), 1900-1979 enter: Galt Papers (V), 1900-1979
University Relations Records, 1970- enter: University Relations Records, 1970-
Sarah Ladd Diary, 1862 enter: Sarah Ladd Diary, 1862

Repeatable: Yes (Multi-choice)

Select from list the type of content(s) of the original item.
Use TEXT for scans of books, diaries, letters and documents.

To select multiple types hold down “shift” key and make selections.

Repeatable: Yes

Select from list the language of the main content of the item. If the language does not appear in the list below, please select 'Other'. If the content does not really have a language (for example, if it is a dataset or an image) please select 'N/A'.

Summary or Abstract
Repeatable: Yes

Describe the item’s history, physical appearance, scope and contents, abstract, etc. covering anything significant about the item not covered elsewhere in the metadata.
DO NOT enter the preferred citation in this field. The preferred citation will no longer be included in the Summary/Abstract field; it will be entered in a separate field by the cataloging librarian.

METADATA INPUT COMPLETE FOR UPLOADING ITEM, Please skip through the 2nd “Describe Item” screen to the “Upload File” screen.

Abstract/Summary is the last metadata field you, the person uploading the item, will enter (if applicable) before uploading the item.

*DANIEL REVISE section 2*


Upload files

This is where you add the file or files to the record. If uploading more than one file, make sure to fill in the description field so that users know what each file is.


To create filenames, take the identifier and add .1, .2, .n to the end. For example, for the identifier Mss.Acc.2009.289.001, the individual files get the numbers, Mss.Acc.2009.289.001.1, Mss.Acc.2009.289.001.2, Mss.Acc.2009.289.001.n. If there is only one file for that record, it would be Mss.Acc.2009.289.001.

For the vast majority of items, ignore this box & do not assign a Creative Commons License.

After submitting an item to the W&M Digital Archive, an administrator will approve it or return it to you for revision.

After the item has been approved, if the item was a published item already cataloged in the library catalog, the administrator will forward the URI to Cataloging along with other items in a batch for a link to be added in the 856 field. For unpublished material not in the library catalog, a record must be added to the Archon Digital Library Manager by the submitter. If an entire folder or an entire book were digitized, it is recommended that you write "In DSpace" or something similar or the folder or call number flag.

SECTION 3: (Cataloging Librarian)

Mandatory (if applicable)
Repeatable: Yes

W&M distinguishes between original publisher and digital publisher in order to provide a clear understanding of W&M’s role in access to the resource.

Enter the name of the original publisher if the item was previously published.
Make separate entries for each publisher.

Volume or Series No.
Mandatory (if applicable)
Repeatable: Yes

Enter volume or series number for items issued as periodicals.

Input format:
vol.#, no.#
series #.

Physical Description
Repeatable: Yes

Enter the extent and medium if applicable.
Include size or duration of the item.

Repeatable: Yes

Select from list the genre (what the item IS).
Terms should come from established thesauri such as, AAT or TGM.

Mandatory (if applicable)
Repeatable: Yes

Use subject terms from an established thesauri; LCSH, AAT, TGM, and local. Subject terms may include topics, places, events and names of organizations or people.
W&M uses element type.gene for genre terms, do not enter genre terms (what the resource IS) in subject.

Choose qualifier of thesaurus for terms, use ‘other’ for keywords.
Subject Heading Strings should be formatted with 2 hyphens, no spaces between terms:
Example: Virginia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
Make separate entries for each subject heading or keyword

Mandatory (if applicable)

Enter the preferred collection citation for the item in the following format:

Collection Name, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

Repeatable: Yes

If funds or work from an outside source was used in the digitization of this item, enter the name(s) of the organization or person.