The Special Collections Research Center uses Scripto to transcribe documents as of December 2011. The following is instructions on how to use Scripto to transcribe your documents. There is both a video version of these instructions, found below, as well as text instructions, which follow the video.

1) Go to Swem Library Digital Collections Page, Use Browse Items to find a document that has not been transcribed that you would like to transcribe.


2) In order to find a document that has not been transcribed, open the item and scroll down the page. If a transcription is listed under "Document Item Type Metadata", then the item has been transcribed.

3) Once you have selected an item, scroll down to the bottom of the page to Transcribe This Item.



4) Click on the .pdf or .jpg file link and bring up the Scripto interface.

5) Click on "edit" (underneath the images) to bring up the transcription box.

6) Type the following sentence in the box: "This item is currently being transcribed by a volunteer. We look forward to making the full-text of the document available soon." Then, begin transcribing! When you have completed your transcription, click the “Edit transcription” button.

7) The transcription policies (which have been modified because of this new interface) can be found at


8) You can enlarge and/or print out your images. Do not transcribe a document in Word and then paste it into the transcription box.Word has proprietary formatting codes and your transcription will not be correct. You could use a simple text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and paste that in. You must produce plain text documents. If you have trouble seeing your document in the database, hover over the icon in the upper right corner of the document window and you’ll see that the icon stands for open in a new window. Click the icon and the document will open in Google Documents Viewer which may be easier for you to see. You can download the original .pdf file by going to file on the Google Documents Viewer menu and click on download original. That will allow you to print out the documents if you wish. Happy transcribing!