Supplies for processing and rehousing collections can be held in a variety of different places. This page is meant to help you decide which supplies you need for your project and where they can be found.


Paper is what we primarily deal with and it is the easiest to handle.


All paper materials are held in folders.

Letter and Legal Folders

Letter size folder

Legal size folder

Letter sized folders should always be placed in a letter sized box and legal sized folders should always be placed in a legal sized box. Putting letter size folders in a legal size box will cause the materials to shift around when the box is being moved, potentially damaging the materials inside. There is usually a supply of folders in the Pullen Workroom, but their main location is on the front wall of Pavilion A.

Sheet Music Folders

Sheet music folders are used to hold sheet music. They are also located in the grey cabinet in the front of Pavilion A, next to the pamphlet binders.


All folders are then housed in boxes.

Grey (Hollinger) Boxes

Hollinger boxes

Grey boxes, informally known as Hollinger boxes, come in various shapes and sizes: there are letter sized boxes and legal sized boxes and well as full sized boxes and half sized boxes. Full sized boxes, both letter and legal, are 0.4 cubic feet while half sized boxes are 0.2 cubic feet.

Record Center Cartons

Record center cartons can be filled with either legal or letter folders. They are always 1.0 cubic feet. They can be found in many places in the SCRC, but there are ones in the hot shelves and in the Pullen workroom. Often these are used for temporary storage and will be replaced with grey boxes when the collection is more fully processed.

Oversize boxes

Not all paper fits in grey boxes or record center cartons. Oversize paper is held in oversize boxes, which are located on the left wall of Pavilion A. There are also used oversize boxes on the back wall of Pavilion A.

Flat Grey Boxes

Pamphlet Files

Sometimes called Princeton boxes, these are used for pamphlets and magazines when there is a larger run of issues than what fits in a pamphlet binder. The live on the left side of Pavilion A.

Scrapbook boxes

Scrapbook boxes are located in the supplies part of the hot shelves, and are used to hold scrapbooks. Some of these may be reserved for the Pappy Fehr scrapbooks, so check before using them.

Century Boxes

Century boxes are flat, clamshell boxes that hold many of our collections in the 39.1 to 78 range and are usually blue or green. They are no longer used for new materials, except in special circumstances. Used century boxes are located on the back wall of Pavilion A.


Photograph sleeves

Photographs are sometimes individually sleeved before they are put into folders. These sleeves are found in the supply section of the hot shelves.

Other formats

There are also a multitude of other formats that the SCRC collects.

Trading card boxes and sleeves

Trading cards are housed in special boxes and sleeves, which are located in the supply section of the hot shelves.

Stereo card boxes

Stereoscope cards are housed in their own boxes, which are located in the supply section of the hot shelves.


Postcards are housed in their own boxes and sleeves, which are similar to trading card boxes and sleeves, but larger. They are located in the supply section of the hot shelves.


Artifacts are housed in their own special boxes, which are almost always yellow. Consult Jennie Davy, Burger Archives Specialist, before using these boxes.