Tumblr guidelines:

What is the SCRC Tumblr for?

Tumblr is a place for us to showcase pieces from the collections, talk about events and exhibits, or post about anything related to our collections that doesn’t need a lot of text.

Tumblr posts should usually have some striking visual element. This can be a screen shot, a picture of something from the collections, or advertising for an exhibit or event. If you are good at Photoshop, animated gifs are very popular (and encouraged!) Animated stereographic images are also popular (see: http://wilsonlibunc.tumblr.com/post/76427881914/animated-version-of-the-stereographic-photo-among) and it looks like we have some stereographic photos in World War II Stereograms (Mss. Acc. 2008.109).

Sometimes Tumblr posts can be short versions of your blog post, but we would like to have mostly different things in Tumblr and the blog.

Your posts don’t have to be about new stuff! They don’t even have to be about the stuff you normally work with. You can post to Tumblr anything that showcases our collections and activities here at the SCRC.

Content ideas:

  • SCRC Events
  • Campus Events related to the SCRC or material in the SCRC
  • Exhibits
  • New collections
  • Behind-the-scenes at the archives pictures
  • A piece from any collection that you think is interesting
  • A piece that you use a lot in instruction
  • A piece that you think is under-used
  • Follow an interest (you can have a Tumblr series!) that you can find material for in our collections:
    • For example, something from the Chapin-Horowitz Dog Book collection
    • Some topic in history that you’re interested in and can find a document for

Examples and inspiration:

Here are some special collections Tumblrs to look at if you are wondering what should go in a Tumblr post, what makes a good Tumblr post for a special collections library, or just need some ideas:

What format should posts take?

  • Try for a catchy title.
  • If you are using a photo of something from the collection, include information about that item so that people can find it if they are interested in it (same as for the blog).
  • Use at least 2 tags, but not more than 5.
    • Tags are lowercase (#universityarchives #specialcollections #rehousing #amazingdogs).
    • Always tag your posts with #specialcollections since we are now a "whole library" Tumblr.

Although Tumblr posts should be very short and these style guidelines probably won't come into play as much, here are the style guidelines from the blog document:


  • Please go by the Chicago Manual of Style: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/16/contents.html.
  • Use the serial or Oxford comma:
    • For example: A sentence with one thing, another thing, and another thing.
      • The serial comma goes between the ultimate and penultimate items in the list, and before the conjunction.
      • Punctuation and quoting:
        • The punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. There are only two exceptions:
          • The ! goes outside quotations unless it is part of the quote itself.
          • The ? also goes outside quotations unless it is part of the quote.
          • Do not capitalize internet, net, web, or e-mail.
            • Do please use e-mail and not email.
            • Spacing after sentence punctuation: please use only one space after a period or other final punctuation mark.