Creating a scan job

Expressmode types

When you first open up the Omniscan software, you will have the option of selecting 1 of 4 scan job types.

Express modes wheel.JPG

  • Full Color Manuscripts
    • Use this setting for all full-color manuscript materials
    • Will output pdf access copy and tiff masters
  • Black and White Text
    • Use for all black and white typed text
    • Will output pdf access copy in Z:\Scans\Digitization Queue\OCR
  • Full Color Books
    • Use for all full-color books
    • Will output pdf access copy and tiff masters
  • Exhibit Materials
    • Use for all exhibit materials

Creating Metadata

Once you select a job type, you will be asked to enter the digitization queue (DQ) number into the following dialog box:


It is important that you enter the correct DQ number because it is used to automatically generate the title of the folder where the scan will eventually be saved. You don't need to add or change anything to the other two fields in the dialog box. Once you enter the DQ number, simply click "ok."

You will then be asked to enter in the following metadata:

Collection ID

collection ID.JPG

This is the identifying accession number of the collection from which the scan is being made. This number should be provided in the accompanying DQ issue.



This is the DQ number related to the scan job. It should be the same as the number you previously entered for the "Job Name"



This is the title of the item to be scanned. Be sure to leave out any punctuation marks or non-alphanumeric characters.



This is the date for the start of the scanjob. Be sure to use the following format: YYYYMMDD with no spaces or characters between the date sections

Folder Creation, File Naming, and Save Locations

The metadata is used to automatically create file folders and file names so it is important that you enter accurate information for all metadata fields.

Masters Folder

Once you have entered in the metadata, a folder is created in the Masters folder (Z:\Scans\Masters) with the title "DQ_XXX." This folder will contain the master tiff files and job parameters for your scan job. The file names should be in the following format:


Access Folder

When you finalize a scan, a folder with the title "DQ_XXX" is created in the Access folder (Z:/Scans/Access). This folder will contain the batched pdf files used as access copies for the Digital Archive. The file names should be in the following format:


If you create and finalize a "Black and White Text" job, the access copy is sent to the OCR folder (Z:/Scans/Access/OCR).

Error Reporting

The Zeutschel scanner and the Omniscan software are notoriously buggy, so be sure to report any errors that occur via the following form:

Zeutschel Error Reporting